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    Freelance Marketplace for Telecom Engineers

    Of The Of the the Freelance Field Engineer platform Allows Businesses to the connect with the telecom's's field of IT & of engineers from around the world and Cooperate on Various projects ''. It is a list of bids that you can use. In the end of the day, they used to clear out the field.The Emerging Startup Special Mention placed Fieldengineer.com in good company with multinational technology giants, such as Huawei and PCCW Global. The awards drew highly regarded international visitors and speakers who represented their companies and shared novel ideas that are sure to shape the way telecom technology practicesevolve for years to come. FieldEngineer.com CEO and founder, Malik Zakaria, was also in attendance, and he delivered a well-received presentation that shed light on how enterprises could continue overcoming the hurdles associated with providing services in a world of rapid internet expansion and B2B workforce growth.
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