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I am not saying that the Celtics is completely bad

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I also don't enjoy the job balance this particular league. I know that they felt TL did not reward PvM enough and wished to rectify that, but now it seems as though that they swung the pendulum way too much in the opposite way, where in Trailblazer it feels like the one thing that matters today is PvM. I believe that the ideal balance is someplace in the center, where the two PvM and skilling are both workable points-endgames and you can opt to RS gold focus on either one based on what you want, instead of the current see-saw where we went from skilling+clueing being the only aggressive points-endgame at Twisted League into PvM being the only aggressive points-endgame at Trailblazer League.

I am not saying that the Celtics is completely bad and the devs did a terrible job or something. I understand that different leagues will appeal to different people, just like the way that I just play some Path of Exile leagues and others.Leagues II is the most fun I have had in RuneScape at the past ten years.I haven't played OSRS really much at all since it published, and only played RS3 on/off (mostly off) because 2013. Do not play the first Leagues because I simply haven't been paying much attention to RuneScape in general.

I've clocked more hours on Leagues II over the past < two weeks than any other game I've played lately. I actually made in-game friends while fishing for lobsters on Karamja for the first time because real 2007.

I don't have nearly as long for games now compared to when I had been in middle/high school, so the encouraged XP and relics make the grind really manageable. The tasks are exceptional, and are making me go to corners of the map that I literally have not been to since I was a child. The place unlocks completely shook up the meta, and even though folks are figuring out best strategies now, for the first week it actually felt as though everyone was on the same foot.

So thanks, Jagex. Whatever you did with this one, you did it right, and I already can't wait for Leagues

Forthos dungeon was extremely cool for what it was, hallowed sepulchre is cheap RuneScape gold the very fun agility (maybe skilling) method in the game, and leagues II is being almost universally commended, rightfully. God damn man you are on fire, and that's everyone else involved on these jobs. It's a fantastic time to play with OSRS.

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