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Dasani Water Ingredients – Know Everything About It

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Water in of an important part of life and without water, we can't alive. Whenever you talk about healthy water then you will find some brands name, one of the best water brands is Dasani Water, if you want to know more about Dasani Water Ingredients, then you are on the right platform. Here you will find amazing information about Water and Water Ingredients.

Dasani Water Ingredients: Dasani bottled water is an American brand and sold throughout the world under the brand of Coca-cola. If you have been using this brand for years but wonder about Dasani water ingredients, here is the list with some other important facts about this bottled water.

1. Water from the tap Dasani (CocaCola) and Aquafina (Pepsi) have had to admit that their fancy branded bottles contain nothing more than glorified tap water.To reduce the plastic pollution associated with bottled spring water, some environmentalists advocate drinking tap water (despite its toxic reputation). But doesn't bottling the tap water defeat the purpose? Sure, their filtration process removes added chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride, but it also removes all naturally occurring minerals required for proper hydration, and the "minerals" they add back "for taste" are not in their whole, natural form.

2. Magnesium sulphate is a mineral. Magnesium sulphate is a chemical additive, as opposed to the naturally occurring magnesium found in spring water and good soil. It is a laxative and a drying agent (ever get dry mouth after trying to quench your thirst with a Dasani? ), and is intended for occasional use in the bath. It's also a known carcinogen. Teratogens are any agents that can interfere with the development of an embryo or foetus. They may cause birth defects or terminate the pregnancy entirely.

3. Salt. While Dasani does not specify what is meant by this ambiguous term, we can assume it is plain old sodium chloride, devoid of the vast array of other trace minerals found in naturally occurring, non-chemically altered salt.

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